Visokogradnja inzenjering is proud to distinguish that we were assigned work by investitors Yugorozgaz for making the project documentation and execution of works on the contstruction of a gas pipeline connection and measurement and regulation station for industrial complex ''Bones'' in Leskovac.

 The scope of services includes:

 Full development of the project documentation
   •  Conceptual design for obtaining location requirements
   •  Preliminary design for obtaining a decision for the approval of the works
   •  Project report of fire protection
   •  Project proposal for work with addition of fire protection

 The implementation of connecting pipeline and connecting of the measurement and regulation station(turnkey system):
   •  Works on laying the pipelins made of PE pipes, 63 diameters, 200 m of lenght and testing
   •  Joining the connecting gas pipeline with alredy existing distributive gas network and measurement and regulation station.
   •  Contstruction of concrete foundations and instalation of grounding the measurement and regulation station.

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