Residential-business object "VILLA"

• VISOKOGRADNJA INZENJERING DOO has built an attractive building in the center of Jagodina. The building ''Vila'' is located on the corner of the Main Street and Brace Milosavljevic. The yard is fully fenced and secure.

• The building has its own office space consisting of :

- Large office space that is on Main Street, 180 m2 large and has a staircase connected to the basement, where there is even more space. The height is over 4 meters in all parts.

- Local in the basement has 350 m2 of space and a private entrance from the courtyard of builiding "Vila", it is connected with the above ground office and can be used as a whole huge space!

- Smaller office spaceof 78 m2 is located closer to the entrance of the courtyard of ''Vila'' across the Bank and the entire lenght oriented towards the street Brace Milosavljevic.

- The living area is located on 3 floors which can be reached comfortably by elevator or the stairs.

- Each floor is separated from the entrance corridor and stairs,private walkway that belongs to owners of apartmants and that is secured by door that only the owners of that floor have a key.This is a security measure that can be used as an advantage to some specific activities if it can be used in that way - bussiness activity , in which case you can easily make from the hall a Reception and from the apartments offices (clinics, laboratories , agencies etc.) - The apartments are from 35 m2 to 95 m2. There are 15 total, 5 on each floor. All apartments have a private, central heating independently regime.

- Everything that was done,equipement and materials that are incorporated, are the maximum of what Visokogradnja could offer and that can be seen on first glance. There are no similar facilities nor the quality of housing accordance with known standards in Jagodina, without a doubt.

- At the top you can find the PENTHOUSE (320 m2), which we especially equipped for a customer who in the end didn`t move in Jagodina, so that is also available. This is an exceptional space for customers with maximum requirements in terms of quality of life and health in housing conditions in the city.

- All plans with surfaces and sketches, layout and realistic images can be found on our Website.

For additional information, please call + 381 62 745 746

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