On the 2nd December in year 2013. Vibac Balcani (Vibac S.p.A.) with Visokogradnja inženjering d.o.o. Belegrade has concluded contract for the factory projecting and made a contract for the earth and AB works during the winter of year 2013-2014. The factory covers an area of ​​12 ha and occupies an area of ​​60,000 m2. The foundation stone was built in Jagodina 18th of december in year 2013.

03.11.2014. VISOKOGRADNJA INZENJERING D.O.O. started work on raising concrete-reinforced prefabricated construction on the factory VIBAC BALCANI in Jagodina. Works on the construction ended on 29.01.2015

12.12.2014. VISOKOGRADNJA INZENJERING D.O.O. was contracted for exterior decorating of Vibac Balcani in Jagodina, which includes putting up fences, concrete channels for storm sewers, 3 retention ponds for drainage, sprinklers tank, main switchgear for electricity, MRS VIBAC 4,500 Nm / h, exterior lighting, water and sanitation, as well as roads,parking lots and green space.

17.08,2015. VISOKOGRADNJA INZENJERING D.O.O. began building the Administration building for Vibac Balcani withing the vicinity of the Factory in Jagodina, on the surface of 3200 m2 on 3 floor levels. The construction was fully done in monolithic concrete structure, a system of laid roof was made, facade is closed with panels so-called ''Ventilated Facade'' in the color of the Factory.

VISOKOGRADNJA INZENJERING D.O.O.started procedures in the Technical receipt of the Factory in the name and for the benefit of VIbac Balcani doo and all procedures, tehnical documentation and decree have been obtained as of 02.10. 2015.

In a test run the plant and put 2 facilities to work:
GIGLIO .............................. for the production of adhesive tapes
PALMA LINE ..................... papermaking

In the works are technical studies for the Commission for technical acceptance of Factory and is expected to take place on Tuesday 06 October 2015. the Factory in Jagodina Vibac Balcani doo will get the Use Permit (Certificate of Occupancy) by the City of Jagodina

12. In October 2015, starting at 10:00 will Vibac Balcani in Jagodina be officially put into operation.It is expected that the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia, Mr. Aleksandar Vučić personally open the start of operation in Vibac Balcani factory in Jagodina.

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