(1) The cost of apartments in TSApp is optimized for the payment of EUR 200 per month until the cost of the relevant apartment has been finally settledaccording to the terms and conditions specified below and customer’s possibilities;

(2) precisely – the amount of monthly repayment installments for a particular apartment depends on its surface area, or the value of the apartment a Buyer is interested in, and the approximate repayment deadline which may not exceed 15 years from the date of contracting;

(3) Complex “Apartmans” has smaller apartments on offer which are fully furnished and equipped and are sold complete with furniture, lighting, curtains, carpets, kitchen and appliances - move-in within one day upon apartment contracting;

(4) A buyer is charged with annual interest rate of 5% on the outstanding amount of debtuntil the final settlement. This calculation will be performed on an annual basis - on 1st November for the current year and applies only to the unpaid part of the apartment;

(5) A buyer may settle the cost of a particular apartment in 8 equal quarterly installments - in two (2) years, with no interest; ;

(6) A Buyer can settle the cost of a particular apartment immediately, on the date of contracting at 6% discount- Cash DiscountDiscountapplicable to the cost of apartment, exclusive of VAT which is calculated in accordance with the Law;

(7) Special arrangement for TSApp –loan granted by Hypo-Alpe-Adria-Banka AD to our Customers!!!

Maximum 35-year repayment period with annual interest rate of 3.50 – 3.85% with registration of mortgage on the apartment subject to purchase. The exact number of years of repayment directly depends on the age of the Buyer. Creditworthiness determined by the bank is the condition for loan granting. Visokogradnja will credit its customers with 20% value, up to the amount of downpayment, by direct payment into the account, interest-free for 2 years, with mandatory registration of the second rank mortgage, after the Bank, on the apartment subject to purchase.

**** The subject matter of Customers’ interest may also include the closed parking area in Braće Dirak Street with capacity of 38 vehicles, available to the owners of the Tourist and Residential Complex “Apartments” and may be contracted regardless of the Customer’s capacity at TSApp

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