Visokogradnja inženjering doo made, in 2006, the most beautiful space/oasis surrounded by green gardens in the heart of Jagodina out of a grove full of thicket – and all this under three months. There, the local government populated the ZOO with over 50 diverse species of exotic animals. Of course, there is also a huge contribution of the head people in Jagodina, who worked with us closely from start to the very end of the project.


Visokogradnja inženjering doo began the construction of most important objects in Aqua Park in 2007 – a huge swimming pool, artificial elevation for setting up the slide and three smaller pools. We conducted completely and independently the first phase of the Park’s construction. After that, we supported the project (through supply of construction material) until the end on the account of another contractor, while Visokogradnja inženjering doo Belgrade focused on the beginning of construction of the football stadium (at the time when the football club from Jagodina played with much success in 1st Telekom league and moved on into Serbian Super League).


Visokogradnja inženjering doo built a modern football stadium in 2008 in accordance to the projects of the Directorate for construction and under supervision of main people from SFA and FCJ. The capacity of the stadium is 12.000 seats. The stadium is covered on the western and northern side, and it has the most stunning and wide locker rooms and massage parlors, barnyard, rooms for judges and delegates , direct entrance to the stadium, as well as the most lavish VIP rooms and lodge in Serbian football.


Visokogradnja inženjering doo managed to build a business complex (for its own needs, as well as the needs of the stadium and FC Jagodina) while working on the stadium itself in Čočetova street, with two floors (ground floor + first floor) following the line of the stadium on the side facing Main city street (discreetly drawn in green belt and suitable for any kind of activity for which hot locations are not required). The size of SEVER is nearly 3.000 m2 of business space, separated into three parts. The grandiose stadium lightning was set up and put into use, and that alone made this part of the city much more attractive.

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