Residential estate "PLAVUŠA"

In period from 2006 until 2008, VISOKOGRADNJA INŽENJERING DOO had built a residential estate on the surface of 10.000 m2, comprised of 3 residential buildings with a total of 5 entrances marked as A, B, C, D1 and D2, with 224 apartments of widest variety (of quadrature and setup) assigned across 6 building floors. Total size of all the apartments is 22.400 m2, with 1.680 m2 of business space.

VISOKOGRADNJA INŽENJERING DOO took care of respecting statics, checking up seismic norms, using high quality concrete, and building this object upon a skeletal system in regard to its security (in case of subsidence). Every floor is dilated with ``thermo-silent`` to lower down the noise. The entire façade is encased in Styrofoam (20 grammed), 8 cm thick, which satisfies all energy efficient norms, as well as norms of an economical building. Aside from fairing and coating this façade, it was also treated with Kolorplast (material similar to Bavalit but with higher thermal protection) mixed with Kulir for attractiveness and solidity of the façade, and all this in terms of its higher longevity under various atmospheric occurrences.

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VISOKOGRADNJA INŽENJERING DOO had installed a completely new thermal energy pipeline for PLAVUŠA, secured by the heating plant in Jagodina, and also installed thermo substations inside the building (made out from the best parts and pumps imported from Germany and Austria), with high-quality laminar thermal regulator, and that secures clean, non-turbid water for the apartments with heating. The thing is – there is no thermal loss inside the building, and that is not a trivial thing when we live in an era of very expensive heating bills. All the tenants praise the quality of heating in PLAVUŠA, without exceptions, and that makes us very glad. The hallways are spacious and their size wasn’t accounted for when determining the price of the apartments; the same could be said for the entrance space, space for placing installations, substations, telecommunication stations, elevator and its shaft, machine house and rooms for cleaning woman. Visokogradnja inženjering doo wanted to show with this that it cared for the quality of living in the building it made.

The roof of the building is covered with foil, zinc-coated and sandblasted, which materially resembles volcanic sand, which ensures warranty of 30 years on longevity and waterproofness. The method of laying down the roof implies boarding the complete roof on which the lower crossbar is clenched, across which a vapor barrier is set, which is an excellent thermal isolator and secures 100% ventilation of the roof, and that helps tenants immensely in hot summer days. On top of vapor barrier an upper crossbar is clenched, on top of which foiled tiles are assembled, which are profiled and completely adjusted to that specific roof as to make the roof completely coved and inaccessible to the birds, insects and dirt. Ventilation elements are pretty convenient and offer the possibility of excellent ventilation of kitchens, bathroom etc. in the building. Finally, the price of a roof like this is 4 times higher than standard tegola canadese, but it’s also 8 times more lasting, and that made us decide to use it.

There are materials, elements, valves, radiators, faucets (made from the very best producers on the market) etc. installed in each and every one of the apartments. Sanitary equipment is imported from Poland (Kolo), heating was imported from Belgian Radson, valves were imported from Italian Kalefi, piping & sewer system from local Peštan, windows imported from German LB (with thermo-blinds, window sills & benches, so it could make a complete element), all the floors are wooden, with parquet made out of beech in S/R class, with battens.

VISOKOGRADNJA INŽENJERING DOOspent a lot of energy (and money) on setup of the location. We made sure that 52% of the location remains undeveloped, inside building lines, as to have the tenants enjoy the high-quality feeling of pleasant living in PLAVUŠA. A park is also built, lighting is set up, benches too (in front of each entrance), making sure about the need of people to spend their time outside. All this still resists the attacks of vandals and other demolition-inclined individuals, with wholehearted dedication of workers from Visokogradnja inženjering doo who still maintain the property, fixing gutters, planting trees and flowers, replacing light bulbs, making sure the trash bins are empty even though Visokogradnja inženjering doo secured the use permission for the last entrance D1 in PLAVUŠA.

VISOKOGRADNJA INŽENJERING DOO booked all its apartments and business space in the cadastre as separate physical parts, suitable for registration of permanent rights of future owners; so, in Jagodina, it is known how much are all these papers are in order, with all taxes and dues paid; that is, the buyers of apartments and business space from Visokogradnja never had any problems when the validity of documents was in question, and we take great pride in this considering we earned it through our relationship, fairness and appropriate behavior in this business. We also note that all the apartments are insured at Dunav (on the risk of the very first water spilling from the installation), that the elevators are maintained by the Belgrade elevator making company, that the apartments are equipped with IPTV and ADSL optics, and that the cable television is installed in each and every apartment. At the end of 2012 there are 30 more apartments left unsold (most of them are with two rooms), size 50 m2 where we offer 600 euro + 8% VAT and payment with the deadline after 2 years, with 10% participation. All the apartments are ready to be moved in immediately !

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