Swiss airlines

• Swiss airlines operates from Nis Constantine the Great.

• Cargo Freighting pellets by the Visokogradnja`s new Loder

Kargo Service Airport Niš


Turkish Airlines Cargo starts Nis operations

• Turkish Airlines Cargo has commenced a scheduled one weekly service between Istanbul and Niš with its Airbus A330-200F aircraft. The carrier says it intends on transforming Niš Constantine the Great Airport into its regional freight centre. Niš is the second airport we operate to in Serbia after Belgrade.

• ''We plan for Niš to become our regional centre, especially for Bulgaria. We also hope that Serbian exporters will use this service to export their goods to the East'', Mustafa Yaz, Turkish Airlines Cargo Regional Director for East Europe and Russia, said yesterday.

• ''This development is not only important for Serbia but also for Macedonia and Bulgaria, as there are no scheduled cargo flights to these countries. This service will have a snowball effect, which will result in more flights and exports across Europe'', the Turkish Ambassador to Serbia, Mehmet Bozay, said. The Istanbul - Niš - Istanbul cargo service will operate each Monday.

Visokogradnja inzenjering Cargo equipment

AVIOGEI 2PDL 7000 Self-Propelled, Main & Lower Deck Cargo Loader (Wide Version) is an airport equipment specially designed for loading/unloading of containers and pallets
(LD1, LD2, LD3, LD346W, LD4, LD5, LD6, LD7, LD8, LD9, LD11, 2L1P, 2L3P, 2K3P, P1, P2, P6, P9, A320)
to/from all aircraft having the cargo compartment threshold ranging between mm.1870 and 5650 from ground level. The 2PDL 7000 can handle also the B767 wide door (i.e. the transversal 125” x 96” pallet).

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AVIOGEI SPL 700 (12 PCS ) 96” x 125” PALLET, One or two sides loading – 125” lengthwise, Loading bed with rollers. 2 LD1 or LD3 CONTAINERS Fingers for automatic loading / unloading. LOADING CAPACITY Kg 7000 . MAX TOWING SPEED Km/h 30 . OPERATIN CAPACITY 12

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• Following its purchase of cargo and luggage handler equipment for “Constantine the Great” Nis International Airport in 2016 for Visokogradnja inzenjering d.o.o. Belgrade has agreed to buy a second Main Cargo Loder wide version, together with the 12 pallet Trolleys. Cargogroup, headquartered at Nis Airport, is responsible for providing precision, hospitality, provisioning and logistics across the airline freighter service and during its growth.

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Established in 2004 as the family company in Serbia It also owns Cargo Center in nearby on highway E 75 with the full 24 hour service >>>

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Kargo Service Airport Niš Kargo Service Airport Niš

Turkish Airlines Cargo starts Niš operations Turkish Airlines Cargo starts Niš operations


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