VISOKOGRADNJA INŽENJERING DOO is an association capable of realizing even the most demanding work in the field of construction, be it road infrastructure, line pipes, civil engineering, or any kind of objects of public, dedicated or apartmental usage, independently. VISOKOGRADNJA INŽENJERING DOO employs almost 20 experienced engineers with specialist licenses for conducting all kinds of tasks, which makes us the real ``engineering`` company.

VISOKOGRADNJA INŽENJERING DOO has a practice of independent designing, conducting various construction work, mechanical work, mechanical-assembly work, electrical work. It mainly works on these projects independently and with pre-financing. All the projects are aiming for the Serbian market. VISOKOGRADNJA INŽENJERING DOO has solid mechanization at its disposal, huge number of handymen/specialists of most diverse talents required for performing various phase and final works in the field of construction, and it possesses a huge supply of construction, mechanical and electrical materials. Read more...


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