VISOKOGRADNJA INŽENJERING DOO participates in the construction of gas pipeline in many municipalities and cities in Serbia. We consider ourselves proud strategic partners in following cities:


The concept of gasification is based upon the construction of secondary network and realizing the conditions for joining of future users of natural gas. We finance this job ourselves, so the local self-governments which participate in the construction have no financial obligations at any level. Cities and municipalities accept JP SRBIJAGAS as an investor, and bring the program about gasification to the voting in assembly. At the session, they pick out the strategic partner (at the suggestion of the council) who is in obligation to prepare, project, get permissions for construction, construct the entire network, register the network in the cadastre as a basic resource of JP SRBIJAGAS and let the rest of the work to the commission for technical reception of gas pipeline and gasification – all this realized with their own financial resources.

Visokogradnja inženjering doo has all the needed licenses and permissions for conducting this type of work (gasification), professional and experienced people who know how to project and build both gas pipelines and gas stations, and do all testings and probing, set up cathode protection and lay down marks in the final layers of concrete and asphalt, which is laid down independently with Visokogradnja’s own resources and workforce.

The best recommendation for selecting Visokogradnja inženjering doo as a STRATEGIC PARTNER are satisfied current partners in cities and municipalities, where Visokogradnja conducts its work.

Visokogradnja inženjering doo executes all its obligations in orderly fashion, respecting the local politics, fitting perfectly into infrastructural activates and plans – improving environment, providing free house connections and doing everything in its power to make way for even better relationships with its partners, employing local entrepreneurs on most diverse jobs in the scope of gasification and other business for which there is a common interest.

Visokogradnja inženjering doo is interested for further spreading of business relations onto other municipalities and cities in accordance to the ``gasification strategy up to 2020``. We finance all the work independently. We pay all the dues and taxes, employ local firms, open up new workplaces, participate in infrastructural projects in accordance with urban plans and we are ready to, like real strategic partners, pre-finance other objects of importance for the local community (stadiums, houses of culture, schools, sport halls, ZOO’s, reservoirs, roads and many other things we have done in the past and are able to do them again).

Reference list on constructing gas pipeline network for period 2005 – 2019.

Locations DGM (m) Steel pipeline (m)
Reference list on constructing gas pipeline network for period 2005 – 2019.  
Jagodina 498.246,05 10.960,20
Ćuprija 327.676,29 4.467,60
Paraćin 450.008,83 144,00
Bagrdan 113.778,40  
Despotovac 122.237,00 15.945,60
Rekovac 192,382,53 8.924,90
Batočina 111,137,30  
Ukupno: 1,815,466,40 40.442,30

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